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How to Supercharge eCommerce Upsells: An Optimization Checklist to Maximize Upsell Revenue.

Easy Upsell is a powerful app for eCommerce stores to maximize revenue-per-customer with targeted upsells. Learn more or start a free 30 day trial today.

If you want to get the most from upsells, it's not enough to set them up and let them run.

Luckily there are some easy steps to take periodically to ensure you're getting the most from your upsells and we've attempted to document the standard process of upsell optimization below!

01) Use All 3 Upsell Types.

In terms of conversion rates, trigger upsells are going to be the most effective. However, if you want to really see the magic of upsells, it's imperative to utilize all three types together.

NOTE: Though trigger upsells are going to create the best conversion rates, we cannot over-express the importance of a good catch-all upsell for your store. A majority of revenue in our top-performing stores is from catch-alls.

02) Use All 3 Types EFFECTIVELY.

Check to make sure you're fully maximizing each type of upsell according to their strengths.

03) Use Post Purchase Upsells.

In terms of conversion, it is all about how many quality touchpoints you can create with a customer. Post Purchase upsells allow you yet another targeted touch and are imperative to maximizing your upsell revenue.

To quickly set up & begin testing a Post-Purchase upsell, simply replicate your catch-all upsell > change to "Post-Purchase" > edit copy to sound like a thank-you page with a limited-time offer > select 3-6 new catch-all products to display.

NOTE: To discount an upsell product for a PPU "TRIGGER UPSELL," you must either discount the product store wide OR follow these steps.

04) A/B Test...and then test some more.

If you want the most from your upsells, periodically A/B testing your best-performing upsells is a must.

NOTE: Whenever using "Choose Options" as the Call to Action within your upsell, try pushing to the same product/s with "Add to Cart."

05) Copy.

The easiest and quickest way to optimize your upsells is by and large enhancing the headlines & description copy.

The best upsell copy does one or many of these things well: appeal to a customer's known interests, empathize with a customer's needs or pain, and create urgency.

06) Offers.

Your upsells are only as good as the product/s you're offering.

Are you using product bundles, gift cards, memberships, or other creative offers? Here are a few good examples and guidance for each:

07) Design.

Though we offer plenty of ways to customize the design of your upsells, there are a few key things to bring your attention to in the way of conversion optimization.

NOTE: Upsell design is edited in Settings > "Pop-up Look & Feel."

  1. Display 3 Products or less. | Any more than 3 products is going to significantly minimize the size and details of the products. | NOTE: In some cases like catch-alls, it is advantageous to display more products to cover the breadth of your customer's interests. | You can have more than 3 products per upsell but can manage how many are displayed during set up with "Maximum number of upsell products to show in the pop-up."

  2. Match Store Brand. | Wherever possible, attempt to match the fonts, colors, language, & feel of your store.

  3. Actionable Button Color. | Regardless of store colors, you'll want to use a bright and actionable color for your upsell's "Add to Cart" buttons. Studies show a brighter shade of red performs best.

BONUS | Request an Easy Upsell Consult.

If you have a "Pro or Enterprise" Subscription, we offer quarterly consults where a member of the Easy Upsell team will audit your current upsells & provide feedback on how to optimize for maximum revenue.

Hope these help.

Now, go forth & upsell! PS) Reviews feed our families. ;) If Easy Upsell has helped you increase revenue, we'd love a review on BigCommerce here!

Have questions about Easy Upsell? Contact me personally here & I'd be happy to help.


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