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Become an Easy Upsell Affiliate!

Want to introduce your clients or friends to the power of Easy Upsell and benefit from it financially? Join our affiliate program!

Easy Upsell has proven to be a valuable asset to any BigCommerce store's marketing stack. And once our users adopt the app, they are typically with us for the life of their store.

We've recently introduced an affiliate program for any referrals that allows a referrer to benefit from the lifetime value of a user they introduce.

If you are an agency or rep for multiple stores on BigCommerce and want to directly introduce a new user to our app, we'd love to have you as an affiliate!

Affiliate Program Qualifications & Stipulations.

  • 2+ Stores. | This program is reserved for affiliates who introduce or plan to introduce 2+ stores. It currently is not valid for 1 off introductions.

  • Sept 1, 2023 Onward. | Only new introductions as of 9.1.23 are valid for our affiliate program.

How our Affiliate Program Works.

Simply reach out to us (below) and once you've provided the necessary items, we will enroll you manually.

You will be paid out monthly via Paypal.

How to become an Affiliate.

As of now, enrollment happens manually through an EasyUpsell rep. However, all you need is a Paypal email address and verification of the relationship with the participating new store.

Now, go forth & upsell! PS) Reviews feed our families. ;) If Easy Upsell has helped you increase revenue, we'd love a review on BigCommerce here!

Have questions about Easy Upsell? Contact me personally here & I'd be happy to help.


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