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Increase Average Order Value in 10 Minutes or Less: A Quick Start Guide to Easy Upsell.

Easy Upsell is a powerful app for eCommerce stores to maximize revenue-per-customer with targeted upsells. Learn more or start a free 30 day trial today.

Upsells (or Cross-sells) are the fastest and easiest way for eCommerce stores to significantly enhance the average order value, or revenue per customer. In fact, our users have seen up to a 25% revenue boost by the end of their 30-Day Free Trial.

Better still, you can be up and running with upsells in 10 minutes or less!

Here are 3 steps to quickly start printing money with upsells alongside some of the biggest eCommerce stores on BigCommerce & Shopify.

1) Install Easy Upsell.

On BigCommerce, simply click "Get this App" here and follow the set-up steps. We don't require a credit card to begin a 30-Day Free Trial.

2) Create a Trigger Upsell for Your Bestselling Product.

A customer adds your bestselling product to their cart and goes to check-out? Give them the chance to bundle that product with similar products for a discounted price.

Though we recommend setting up as many of these as possible (as they are the most effective upsells), we'd start with your bestselling product today.

Here's how...

This step-by-step guide is also available via text instructions here: Create a Trigger Upsell.

3) Create One Catch-All Upsell.

Catch-All Upsells allow you to target any cart that don't have other upsells assigned & upsell a catch-all offer!

Running a store-wide and/or seasonal deal? Have a cornerstone, bestselling product relevant for any customer? Do you have a membership offer for any customer? Or do you simply not want to create unique upsells for every product? This is a great and EASY way to print money.

Here's how...

This step-by-step guide is also available via text instructions here: Create a Catch-All Upsell.


Where do you go from here? There are so many ways to enhance revenue-per-customer across your entire store NOW and ongoing. However, here are a few good places to start.

  1. Create as many trigger upsells as you can. | These are by far the most effective in terms of conversion as you're able to target customers based on their interests. More here: Types of Upsells: When & How to Use Them.

  2. Create and test a Cart-Range Upsell. | Upsell specific product/s based on the amount you know a customer is willing to spend by showing an upsell based on a cart-range value! Small cart total? Upsell them a smaller ticketed item. Big spender? Offer them a discount on a larger item! | Learn how to set-up here: Create a Cart-Range Upsell.

  3. A/B Test your Trigger Upsells & Catch-All Upsell. | There's no ceiling to how effective these upsells can be and we've empowered our users with A/B Testing to continually improve their average order value.

  4. Optimize Headlines. | Headlines can make all the difference to converting more customers. | See the best examples and learn how to optimize headlines here.

  5. Learn from upselling masters. | We have published case studies featuring our top users who are making well over seven-figures of upsell revenue. Read here.

Before we dive into a quick set-up guide for each type, there are a few helpful and complimentary resources I want to make you aware of, as well.

Happy upselling, friend.

Have questions about Easy Upsell? Contact me personally here & I'd be happy to help.


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