How to Increase Revenue-Per-Customer on Holidays: A Guide to Seasonal Upsells.

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Upsells (or Cross-sells) are gasoline on a holiday fire.

However, before we discuss HOW to pour this gasoline, you must know: WE ARE RUNNING A CHALLENGE FOR THE BEST CONVERTING BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY UPSELL!!

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Now, let's talk about how to print $0.10 - $0.50 in addition to every dollar you make this Black Friday with upsells. Here are a few guiding tips and tricks to think about as you create!


Publish At least Two Types of Holiday Specific Upsells.

Make sure you create new HOLIDAY SPECIFIC "Trigger Upsells" for your bestselling products & a limited-time holiday specific "Catch-All Upsell" for the rest of your products.

(And if you need a simple guide to help you create any of the three types of upsells, click on over to How to Create an eCommerce Upsell: A Quick Guide to Creating Trigger, Cart-Range & Catch-All Upsells.)


Discount Your Holiday Upsell Offers.

This may seem obvious to some, but judging by the small number of our users that take advantage of our product discounted feature, we think it's important to say.

You don't have to give away all your profit margins, but even a small "HOLIDAY DISCOUNT" goes a long way towards conversion.

NOTE: If you want to ONLY run your discounts via upsells and not site wide promotions, be sure to read up on how to create discounts that are upsell specific here.


Holiday Specific Copy!

The upsell conversion magic is in the headline & description copy and needs to include a sense of urgency ("Today Only") and holiday specific references ("Black Friday Bundle").

Examples of good holiday offer copy...

  • You've Qualified for The Black Friday Bundle! | Add these products to your cart and save up to x%! Offer ends midnight Nov. 25th.

  • TODAY ONLY: The Cyber Monday Bundle! | Don't miss this one-day offer for up to x% off!

  • 20% Cyber Monday Deal Ends Tonight! | Don't take another step until you take full advantage of this sale.

  • No Cyber Monday regrets! | Take full advantage of this one-day sale on our bestselling products!

  • Do You Know About Our Black Friday Bundle?! | We know what it's like to wake up tomorrow with regret of not taking advantage of Black Friday. Don't do it.

BONUS COPY TIP | If there's an opportunity to tie the holiday to the specific product/s in your upsell, even better. IE: What's more Cyber Monday than [Product Name]?


Make Sure You Have Enough Impressions!

If you're on our "START" plan, you only have 1000 impressions per month. If you plan on getting more than a couple hundred users over Black Friday & Cyber Monday, be sure to upgrade your account!

Regardless of plan, we can guarantee a massive return on investment, especially for these holidays! Our users are seeing anywhere from a 2.5-25% conversion on their upsells. Even If you're only upselling one single $10 product, you stand to earn at least an extra $250 per 1000 impressions. That's a 25x ROI minimum on the Easy Upsell subscription for 5,000 or 10,000 impressions.

To upgrade, simply visit settings on your app dashboard and follow the respective steps.



Before you create your holiday upsells, juice up the competitive drive by joining THE BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY EASY UPSELL CHALLENGE. The holiday upsell with the best conversion rate holiday will win $500 Amazon bucks! All you have to do to enter is drop you email here.

Now, go forth & upsell.

Have questions about Easy Upsell? Contact me personally here & I'd be happy to help.