eCommerce Shoppers are impulsive.

Easy Upsell makes it easy to create targeted product upsell / cross-sell offers that intuitively guide your shoppers to add more products to their cart without being intrusive. eCommerce stores around the world in virtually every category use Easy Upsell to drive millions of dollars of upsell revenue each year.

The Core Features That Makes
Easy Upsell So Powerful:


Intuitive Targeting Logic

Multiple targeting types give you total control over when/where upsells display to your customers.


Detailed Analytics

Fully track the performance of each upsell and your overall upsell program performance.


A/B Testing

Easily maximize conversion rates by running A/B tests for each upsell.

Over 90% of Established eCommerce Stores That Create One Upsell Become a Long-Term Easy Upsell User

Online Bookstore: $486,000 in Upsell Revenue in 1.5 Years

By using Easy Upsell to recommend related books to customers at checkout, an autographed bookstore has averaged $27,000 of upsell revenue per month via Easy Upsell.


Overall Conversion Rate


Total Upsell Conversions


Home Improvement Store: $62,000 of Upsell Revenue Per Month

By using Easy Upsell to make offers to customers to receive a discount on products complementary to their core line of paints, a boutique home improvement brand has averaged $62,000 per month in upsell revenue.


Overall Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate of Top Performing Offer

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