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Posted by Easy Upsell | Dec 06, 2020

This page contains suggestions for resolving possible issues with the Easy Upsell app on BigCommerce.

We’re committed to making Easy Upsell a profitable add-on for your store, so please don’t hesitate to reach out here if you need further assistance! We’re standing by to assist.

The Pop-Up is Not Appearing on My Website

If the pop-up is not appearing on your website, it’s most likely that you are using an older version of BigCommerce or that your website contains customization that is preventing the pop-up from initiating. Send us an email here and we will review your website and provide easy instructions for manually installing the pop-up.

I have the settings set to trigger the pop-up “When adding to cart”, but it’s not working.

It’s most likely that your store has a custom add-to-cart flow that is preventing the pop-up from initiating. If it makes sense for your use of the app, you may want to try changing the setting to trigger the pop-up “When checking out”. This often converts better anyway. If your use-case makes it necessary to trigger the pop-up upon adding to cart and it’s not working, send us an email here and we will review your website and provide instructions on getting it to work.

Users are Seeing the Pop-Up Multiple Times in a Session

Within the app dashboard, go to Settings > Pop-Up Settings and scroll down to “Configurations”. Look for the option “Only show an upsell to the same customer every X minutes.” Increase the number of minutes shown there and it will only initiate the pop-up after that many minutes. (You may want to put a high number such as 9999 minutes to prevent it from showing to the same customer within several days.