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Easy Upsell Quick Start Recommendations

Posted by Easy Upsell | Dec 06, 2020

Congratulations on discovering the Easy Upsell app! You’re very close to unlocking a brand new source of additional revenue for your store.

Easy Upsell is easy to use but, as with all apps, you may be wondering where to start. The Easy Upsell User Guide goes over every feature of the app in-depth, but that may be overkill for you. This shorter guide offers some tips for where to start with Easy Upsell.

First Thing to Do: Create 2-3+ Targeted Upsells for Top Selling Products

Targeted upsells are the most powerful upsell. They require your expertise to tailor the copy (headline/description) and product selection to your customers. Because of this customization, they’re likely to convert at the highest rates.

In order to get a good feel for how the app works, select a few of your top selling products (or any products with a decent amount of ongoing sales) and create a targeted upsell for each of them. The reason for selecting top selling products is so you can generate a lot of upsell impressions quickly in order to see what’s working best in your store.

For your first few trigger upsells, consider only upselling 1-3 products on each one. 1-3 products works best in general, but if you want to try more, consider easing into it by trying 1-3 on each upsell and then increasing from there once those are converting well.

Second Thing to Do: Create a “Catch-All Upsell”

If you want to jump right in and maximize upsell revenue, then you should also go ahead and create a “catch-all upsell”. The catch-all upsell displays to any customer who is headed to checkout but does not have a product with a trigger upsell in their cart.

Where to Go from Here

Just like any other marketing platform like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc, it’s important to use trial-and-error to figure out what works best in your store and optimize for maximum success.

Once you’re successfully running trigger upsells for a few products, start creating trigger upsells for other products using the insights from what has worked so far. Depending on the scope of your product lines, you may want to create trigger upsells for entire product categories to make it easier to cover all products.

Also, start using the A/B testing feature for all of your top upsells to test the headline, description, and product selection.

Once you have plenty of successful upsells running, you could just leave it and watch the extra revenue roll in. However, there are always additional optimizations to be made, so you may want to keep trying new upsells and continuously running A/B tests.

Happy order value maximizing!